December Meeting with Guest Kelda Roys

Join us for our December Meeting! Special guest Kelda Helen Roys will discuss the need for more women in public office and the gubernatorial race.

Randy Bryce will join us to discuss his run for Congress in the 1st CD against Paul Ryan!

Following that, we will discuss current and upcoming actions.

No donations can be given to political candidates at our meetings.

Note: babies and children are welcome at our meetings. Toys and coloring are available to help entertain mobile babies and toddlers.

Madison NOW December Meeting
Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 6–8 pm
OutReach LGBT Community Center
2701 International Lane Suite 101, Madison WI  53704

Meeting agenda:

  1. Welcome, Introductions and Check-In (All, 10 min)
  2. Randy Bryce (20 min)
  3. Kelda Roys (50 min)
  4. Event Recaps (5 min)
    1. Intersectionality and White Privilege Training
    2. Junior State of America Fall Activism Fair
  5. Upcoming Events (5 min):
    1. Holiday Card & Postcard (Shannon/Mara)
    2. January Meeting (Lindsay)
    3. Zumba in early 2018 (Mara)
  6. State Convention (10 min, Lindsay)
  7. Subcommittees Proposal (Officers, 10 min)
    1. Outreach (Chair: Mara)
    2. Communications and PR/Publicity (Chair: Lindsay)
    3. Event Planning Support (Chair: Mara)
    4. Legislation (Chair: Lindsay)
    5. Craftivism (Chair: Mindy)
    6. Web support (Chair: Jess)
  8. If there’s time:
    1. Legislative updates (Lindsay)
    2. Begin planning for counter demonstration at Affiliated (Officers)