Anti-CPC Rally Signmaking & Spot the CPC Tutorial

Anti-CPC Rally Signmaking and Spot the CPC Tutorial
Sunday, October 29, 2017, 1-3 pm
5405 Sudbury Way
Madison, WI 53704
**This is a private residence. Trollers will be considered trespassers and will not be welcome.**

We’re exposing fake clinics in Madison! OurĀ #ExposeFakeClinics activities include a rally on 11/4 in front of a CPC that is hiding in plain sight here in Madison.

Join us on 10/29 for a signmaking party and “spot the CPC” tutorial, where we’ll also walk through the rally plans.

Thank you Wendi Kent for conducting the “Spot the CPC” training!!

**Signmaking and tutorial are taking place in a private home. Trolls will not be welcomed and will be considered trespassers.**