Dog Therapy with Madison NOW

Dog Therapy with Madison NOW
Saturday, September 29, 1-2 pm
Orton Park, 1114 Rutledge Street, Madison, WI 53703

Join Madison NOW for a therapy dog session at Orton Park in Madison with dogs certified through Dogs on Call. This week has been particularly stressful and traumatizing for many people, so come visit with our resident Madison NOW therapy dogs Bella (Pug/Sharpei mix), Molly (Golden Retriever), Benny (Black Lab/Rottweiler mix).

(Note: Due to Dogs on Call policy and City of Madison Parks laws, the therapy dogs will stay on leash. They have dedicated, trained handlers who must be with them at all times, and others aren’t allowed to hold their leashes.)

Photos of therapy dogs Molly, Benny and Bella: