Inactive Wisconsin chapters to be dissolved July 31, 2018

The Wisconsin chapter of NOW is dissolving or rebooting inactive local chapters, so that we can re-establish active NOW chapters throughout the state.

The following chapters have become inactive and lost their IRS tax-exempt status. For this reason, we will be dissolving them effective July 31, 2018, and will be aiming to re-establish new chapters nearby:

  • Northwest Area NOW
  • Milwaukee NOW
  • Greater LaCrosse NOW
  • Fox Cities NOW

After these chapters are dissolved, their members can choose to join either the Wisconsin state chapter or the local chapter of their choice. Currently, the only active local chapters are Madison and West Suburban Milwaukee, but we are anticipating more chapters will be created in the upcoming months.

Alternatively, current members of these chapters who are interested in taking on an interim leadership role and willing to work out a plan with the state chapter for covering the IRS refiling fee of $600 to get the chapter IRS-complaint should contact the Wisconsin chapter president, Lindsay Lemmer, by July 31, 2018. Note, “work out” means work on a fundraising campaign to raise the funds that the state chapter would help you with and match to a certain amount.

You can reach the state president either by email at or by phone at 608-217-5217.

Thank you.