Wisconsin NOW endorses Caleb Frostman for Senate

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Lindsay Lemmer

The Wisconsin chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) is pleased to endorse Caleb Frostman in the race for the Senate District 1 seat. Frostman’s platform would enhance healthcare access and economic security for Wisconsin women and families.

Caleb Frostman has made access to affordable healthcare central to his platform. He’s committed to protecting community health clinics and expanding healthcare coverage.

He would protect reproductive healthcare access and believes abortion “should be safe and legal and a choice between a woman and her doctor.”

Further, Frostman advocates for a living wage and reducing student loan debt, including supporting policies allowing for borrowers to refinance student loan debt just like one can with a mortgage. This is critical to economic security of women and families across the state.

“Caleb Frostman expresses a commitment to ensure all Wisconsinites have equal opportunities to succeed. He’ll fight workplace discrimination, advocate for healthcare access and champion economic equality for women and families,” said Lindsay Lemmer, president of the Wisconsin chapter of NOW. “We are pleased to endorse him for Wisconsin Senate District 1.”

Frostman’s opponent for the seat is Representative André Jacque, a viciously anti-choice extremist. Jacque’s time in the state Assembly has been marked by one anti-reproductive rights bill after another.

Jacque introduced a bill last year that would cause the University of Wisconsin to lose accreditation for training OBGYNs, which would intensify the state’s already dire OBGYN shortage.

Jacque has pushed for an amendment that would ban all forms of abortion, including in cases of rape, incest, and when it would save the person’s life. This amendment would also ban common forms of birth control.



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