Close the Concentration Camps Coalition – Madison Rally & March

Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps
#CloseTheCamps #LetThemAllIn

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We will start our rally at 222 W Washington Ave at 6:30, where ICE had a field agent office last fall and may still have an agent, then begin marching at 7pm to Brittingham Park (1 mile) to join others in Madison for a Vigil against the camps.

The horrific abuses of the US government against migrants, travelers, and refugees has escalated, with children denied basic necessities, people over-stuffed into makeshift concentration camps, women abused and forced by US agents to drink out of toilets, and so much worse that we don’t yet know about.

The Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps is joining in national calls for a day of action on July 12 to oppose these camps and to call for them to be shut down. #CloseTheCamps

These concentration camps exist as a “solution” from the US to migration across the southern border. While these concentration camps are the most barbaric (so far), the other mainstream “solutions” provide little better: either to militarize the border to prevent migration, force people to migrate across more dangerous paths so that they die, or to return to the old, less barbaric camps, detention and processing centers. We must reject all of these “solutions”, and instead fight to let all people travel wherever they need and want, without punishment or rejection. We must #LetThemAllIn.

National Coalition Page –
Vigil in Madison that we will join at Brittingham Park –

Endorsers of the July 12th National Day of Action to Close the Concentration Camps (list in progress):
Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps – San Diego, CA Chapter
Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps – Madison, WI Chapter
Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps – South Bay/Silicon Valley, CA Chapter
Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps – New York City chapter
Haitian Bridge Alliance
Building Bridges of Love
Our Revolution – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Our Revolution – McHenry County, Illinois
Democratic Socialists of America – San Diego chapter
Democratic Socialists of America – Salt Lake City chapter
Democratic Socialists of America – Memphis/Midsouth chapter
Democratic Socialists of America – Portland chapter
Immigrant Justice League
Migrant Child Watch
Three Sisters Collective (Albuquerque, NM)
People over Profit – San Diego
Western Massachusetts Anticapitalist Network
Western Massachusetts Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network
Syria Solidarity – New York City
Syria Peace Vigil Group – New York City
California Educators United
Minority Humanitarian Foundation
North County Justice Allies – San Diego County
Lake County Immigrant Advocacy – Northern California
Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
Vermonters for Justice in Palestine
Party for Socialism and Liberation – San Diego Chapter
San Diego Tenants Union
International Socialist Collective – Boulder, UCB
San Diego Socialists
Denver Communists
Socialist Party USA – Bay Area
Workers’ Voice / La Voz de los Trabajadores
Socialist Alternative – Madison Chapter
MAD Madison Abortion Defense
Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation
People’s Power Assembly – Atlanta
DSA Anti-Imperialism Network
Colorado Socialists
Women’s March San Diego

Accessibility Notes:

The march is one mile from 222 W. Washington Ave. to Brittingham Park. Our route will be down W. Washington Ave. If you need or want to ride in a scent-free and decked-out vehicle along the same route, please text Sawyer at (715) 323-7870 to coordinate a ride.