Take Action on AB 206

Wisconsin NOW is taking a stand against AB 206. Check out this list of ways you can help!

  1. Learn more about AB 206. Here are a few resources to get you started.
  2. Attend the hearing and register your opposition. The hearing is at noon on Tuesday, September 24 at the capitol in room 417 N (GAR Room). Registering your opposition is easy. You just show up and fill out a small slip of paper. Turn it in to whomever is collecting the slips before the end of the hearing and you’ll be on record as opposing the bill.
  3. Join Wisconsin and Madison NOW members in raising awareness about AB 206 outside the capitol. After registering our opposition, NOW members will be congregating at the corner of Mifflin and Caroll of capitol square to distribute information about the bill and encourage others to register their opposition. We’re also going to have some fantastic signage so come on out if you’re feeling feisty.
  4. Tell your legislators that you’re opposed to AB 206. You can find out who represents you here. Call their office and tell them that you’re opposed to Assembly Bill 206 because the state has no business acting as a conduit for funding to crisis pregnancy centers, where women are routinely lied to and manipulated.
  5. Find your legislators on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t limit your interaction with your legislator to a phone call or email. You can also express your opposition more publicly by posting to their Facebook page or by tweeting at them. You can use the hash tag #ChooseLifeEqualsChooseLies.
  6. Share this post. Make sure that your friends and family know what this bill is about and encourage them to take what action they can, even if they don’t live in Wisconsin.

Our lawmakers need to know how we feel when they waste time and tax dollars promoting an anti-choice agenda rather than working to create jobs and fix our broken economy. By taking action, you help to change the current political climate in Wisconsin to one where this obsessive focus on women’s bodies is unacceptable and unelectable.

Thanks in advance for doing this important work. If you think of other creative ways to take action, let us know! Send ideas and pictures to admin@winow.org.