Keep Pro-Violence Extremist Group’s Conference Out of the State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol building should not be a venue for a day-long session of anti-government, pro-violence extremists.

Unfortunately, that is what it will become next week. A radical group that demands public servants ignore laws with which they disagree is holding a day of activities at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Even more disturbing, their event is being attended and promoted by lawmakers such as Representative Chuck Wichgers.

This group, Abolish Abortion Wisconsin, lobbies for individuals who have abortions to be treated as murderers under the law. They call for legislators to openly defy laws they consider to be “unjust/immoral”, particularly access to legal abortion care.

Their objective is an absolute ban on abortion, without exceptions.

Their leader, Matthew Trewhella, is a tireless campaigner for anti-government, pro-violence calls for action. He signed the Defensive Action Statement which justifies murdering abortion providers. Trewhella calls for churches to have armed militias.

Trewhella is a dangerous individual and this fringe organization should not be granted the honor of using the people’s house for their day-long action. It is horrifying that they will also have extensive time with our lawmakers.

Sign the petition to stop Abolish Abortion Wisconsin from having a day of activities at the Wisconsin State Capitol, including meeting with Rep. Wichgers and other lawmakers.

Read our statement on Rep. Wichgers’ promotion of this event.

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