US Senate: Vote Tammy Baldwin

US Senator Tammy Baldwin is endorsed by the National Organization for Women and is a tireless leader for NOW’s core issues and a true fighter for women’s rights. Her time in congress has been distinguished by her advocacy for reproductive rights, pay equity, LGBTQ equality, and access to affordable healthcare. She introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act, which protects one’s ability to access safe, legal abortion care.

Her opponent, Leah Vukmir, on the other hand:

  • Supports a complete ban on abortion, with no exceptions.
  • Opposed giving rape victims access to emergency contraception in hospitals.
  • Supported banning the University of Wisconsin’s OB-GYN training program from including how to perform abortions, which would have likely resulted in the program losing its certification, exacerbating the state’s shortage of OB-GYNs.
  • Supports allowing for junk insurance plans. According to the AARP, this will allow insurance companies to “deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions” and “impose an age tax, charging older Americans much higher premiums” that would not cover essential health needs, emergency care, etc.

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