Wisconsin Attorney General: Vote Josh Kaul

Chapter president Lindsay Lemmer released the following statements:

“Wisconsin needs an Attorney General who will stand up for women and families. Josh Kaul will protect the rights of sexual assault survivors. He understands the importance of access to affordable healthcare coverage, including reproductive care. He has fought unjust and discriminatory voter suppression laws here in Wisconsin. We need an Attorney General with Kaul’s commitment to justice and fairness for all Wisconsinites.”

Additionally, his opponent, incumbent Attorney General Brad Schimel, supports keeping the state’s criminal abortion ban on the books in spite of it being unconstitutional, while Kaul has said he thinks the Legislature should repeal the law.

Brad Schimel has:

  • Ignored Wisconsin’s backlog of rape kits for years. It wasn’t until he realized it would be a problem for re-election that he finally tested the kits.
  • Supported anti-LGBT litigation and opposed legal protections for people in the LGBT community.
  • Attended and sent staff to a “religious liberty” conference put on by an anti-gay hate group.
  • In 2014, said he would not defend Wisconsin’s domestic partnership law.
  • In 2016, signed Wisconsin on to a lawsuit over federal guidelines that directed schools to allow transgender students to use facilities corresponding with their gender identity.
  • In 2017, was flown out to speak at a secret conference which was sponsored by anti-LGBT hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom. Schimel also sent DOJ staff to the conference in an official capacity at a cost of $1,000.

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